My Biggest Enemy…

Is me. I know I’m not the only person who feels that way. There are so many things that I want to do, so many things that I want to share with the world…until that little voice inside my brain starts chiming in and says “who cares?” or “that’s just stupid.” Starting this blog was one of those things that I wrestled with for a long time. I’ve wanted to share my story, because it’s through other people sharing their own struggles similar to mine that helped motivate me. I am so grateful for those people, and I want to join the movement by sharing my story with others. Why? Because it’s not just about me – it’s about you. Yes, you. If you are sitting behind your computer screen and reading this blog, there was something that drove you to read it. Maybe you are struggling to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle, or maybe you just saw the link of my Facebook page and decided to click on it. Either way, we all know what it is like to struggle with something, whether that be weight loss or something else, good or bad, that we are trying to conquer or overcome.

As a part of simply being human, we have this drive inside of us to do something with our lives. And I don’t know about you, but I get a lot of my inspiration from seeing other people do amazing things that they are passionate about. I want to be a part of an active conversation about life. I want to talk with other people who are losing weight, want to lose weight, or have already lost weight. I want to talk with people who are still trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives. I want to talk with other writers. I want to talk to people who have goals and dreams that they love. I want this to be a place where we can inspire others and be inspired. The only problem is that sometimes we feel this drive to do something, but we let our own heads get in our way of doing something great.

It took a long time, but I finally came to the conclusion that those things being said in my own mind are lies. I finally realized that I needed to stop listening to the doubts and worrying about what people might think and just do what I am passionate about. I’m passionate about being healthy. I’m passionate about writing. I’m passionate about sharing my story so that maybe someone else can see it and hopefully find that strength to take a chance and do what they love. We need to stop letting our own doubts and insecurities get in the way of what we really want. Don’t worry about what others will say or think – just do what you love, and the rest will work itself out.

What about you? What are you inspired by? Who inspires you? There are two people who you should definitely check out that have inspired me:

Both of these people have struggled with weight loss and have shared their stories with the world, and they were part of the reason that I got the courage to do the same. It’s not just their weight loss journeys that have inspired me, but their love of life and putting all they have into the things that they love, which is how I want to live my life.

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