Finding the Pieces: Creating an Inspiration Board

If you have any Facebook friends that actively share what they find on Pinterest, then there is a good chance that you may have been introduced to the idea of inspiration boards, even if you haven’t realized that’s what they’re called. Granted, most of the ones online tend to be used to plan dream weddings or nurseries, but inspiration boards can be used in more ways than planning for a future that is still too far out of sight.

Whether it’s covered in pictures, lists, or tangible objects, an inspiration board can function in about as many ways as the word inspiration can be. Some use it to spark creative ideas or business models, while others use it as a motivational tool. Over the last year I’ve been working on one of my own, and what started out as a few quotes and pictures on a small cork-board has turned into a growing display that has moved its way past the board and onto the surrounding white spaces on my wall.

When I started my inspiration board, the main theme that I wanted to go with was my weight-loss journey, so I wrote down a few quotes with colored markers and pinned up a picture of myself after I had lost the first 20 pounds. Soon I started adding pictures of things that I wanted to accomplish, most of which had something to do with either getting fit or something that I couldn’t do at my current weight, like riding on a roller coaster.

As the items on my board began to grow in number, so did the type of the things that I put on it. I started putting things relating to my love of music, something that I had been kind of pushing aside for a while and wanted to get back into. Then I put up a charcoal drawing I made in high school, hoping to inspire me to draw more often. I added more quotes, many of them intended to remind me to work hard at everything I do, not just weight loss.

A year has passed since I began building this board of inspiration, and as it’s grown and developed I’ve started to gain a better understanding of the things that make me who I am. It’s amazing how God has taken this journey to be healthy and developed it into something far greater than that: he is showing me who he wants me to be, and this inspiration board is just one of the outlets that has helped me get a better idea of what that might look like.

Comment Question: Have you ever created an inspiration board? Do you think they can be helpful, or are they just a visual representation of the ideas and goals that we already have stored in our head? Let me know what you think in the comment section down below!

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