A Whole Other World

Forest 2

I duck my head away from the low-hung branches and feel my way carefully across the tangled obstacle of roots, rocks, and sticks. This half-covered entrance to this place serves as a hidden portal whose access is given to the few that have stumbled upon it. Once past the partition, the space above expands, but the sky is still concealed by the leafy ceiling overhead.

forest 3

The few scattered streams of sunlight that filter through the treetops transform the atmosphere around us into a unique tint of green, a color that dominates our surroundings: the leaves on the trees, the moss-covered bark, and the seemingly infinite forms of plant-life that form the carpet beneath our feet.

A fallen trunk, that has laid itself to rest against a tree still living, forms a perfect arc that seems to stand as one more portal, moving deeper within these wooded walls. Beyond this threshold lie scattered debris of fallen limbs, leftover from a storm since past. Yet somehow the air around us breathes a sense of peace and calm in spite of the cluttered chaos at our feet.


The air is cooler than the world we left behind, and the faint smell of morning dew still lingers around us. The sound of birds calling out bounces from tree to tree, creating a soft echo in the spaces above. Lying beneath their song rings a whisper, as the wind finds its way in, out, and around the maze of brown and green.

Together, the sounds of this forest create a symphony that will never be written down or repeated exactly as it is heard right now. It is ours for this moment, as we take in every stanza beat by beat. In this world we are no more than spectators, merely absorbing everything that it offers us.

As we move our way farther into the bounds of this enchanted world, we begin to sense that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves; for few others have ventured here before us, and fewer still may follow behind. 

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