Friday Rant: What if I don’t Want to Get my Head out of the Clouds?

This week has been crazy busy. I had a meeting with my general manager at work on Monday and was asked to continue working until I leave for Oxford, which was a big surprise considering how I was supposed to be laid off next week. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to keep working, but this does mean that my schedule won’t be what I was expecting it to be this Summer.

You see, when I decided to do the Summer fitness challenge and make three videos a week and continue writing three blog posts a week, I made that decision thinking that I was almost done with work for the Summer. I’m definitely not complaining, but some of my friends and family are starting to throw in a few complaints of their own, something about my head and clouds, or something along those lines.

When it comes right down to it, I absolutely love it when my schedule is like this. I get up, go to work, come home and eat dinner, sit down and write the next day’s blog post or shoot and edit video footage, try to fit in some exercise, then shower and go to bed. I am in absolute overachiever heaven, but I’m starting to get the feeling that I might need to come back down to earth before the people I left behind start firing missiles to get my attention.

The problem about this, however, is that I don’t really want to come down. I feel like I’m growing as a writer; there’s something about setting a goal to write more often with an actual time limit that is forcing me to think outside of the box and be more creative.Β I’m discovering how using video to express my thoughts is just as exciting as writing them out. I’m also learning how to better maintain a hectic schedule (something I know I’ll need to do when I’m at Oxford).

In my head these are all wonderful things, and I would be perfectly content with keeping such a hectic schedule, but I also know that I need to take time to breath and spend time with my family and friends. The question, then, is how do I find a healthy balance between the two worlds? Most of my family don’t really get why I’m so excited about spending so much time writing and making videos right now, so they think that it’s unhealthy for me to be “in my head” and working so much.

I know they just want what’s best for me, but how do I tell them that I’m perfectly happy just where I am right now? I’ll admit that I need to slow down a little bit, but I’m not going to stop doing what I love just to make everyone but me happy.Β The people in my life are very important to me, but at the same time I feel like I need to take care of myself in order to be a better friend, daughter, etc. Am I being selfish? Or is what I’m trying to say actually making some sense?

Comment Question: Have you ever been faced with the problem of doing what you felt was right for you and what the people around you felt was best for you? If so, let me know how you handled it or think I should handle my conflict.

One thought on “Friday Rant: What if I don’t Want to Get my Head out of the Clouds?

  1. The moment you stop doing what you are born to do, you will wither and fade, the universe becoming a very dark lonely place as you do. Keep doing what you love to do Erica. Being misunderstood is the hallmark or creativity.

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