Six Months of Blogging: What’s Next?

6-month Blogiversary decorations!
(By Salvatore Vuono)

When I first started writing this blog, I didn’t really have any expectations for where it would take me or if it would affect my life in any way at all. All I knew was that I loved to write, and blogging seemed like a pretty good way to write a bit more often and share my posts with friends on Facebook.

Six months to the day have gone by since I made my first little blog post, and this blog has turned into something bigger than I had ever expected. I may only have 60 followers, but I wasn’t expecting to have any other than my mom and a few friends. The fact that 60 people have chosen to follow my random rants and ideas completely blows my mind.

But the number of followers I have doesn’t really matter. I could have one follower or 1,000 followers, and I would be grateful either way. Because in the end it isn’t about numbers. It’s about connecting with other people and sharing our struggles, triumphs, ideas, stories, goals, and the occasional frustrated tangent with each other.

Blogging has allowed me to grow as a writer. It’s helped me start to find my voice and get over my fear of letting it be heard. It’s allowed me to stumble upon some amazing bloggers who have inspired me to keep writing and keep sharing. It’s helped me realize more and more who I am and who I want to be.

If things stayed the way they are right now I would be perfectly happy with that, as long as I was able to continue doing what I love. But there is one thing that would be kind of amazing: to be able to blog and only blog.

There are some bloggers who blog for a living, and I’m sure the chances of that happening to me are not very high, but it’s nice to dream sometimes. Right now I work a regular office job that takes up most of my day, which is perfectly fine if it pays the bills; but what if I could pay those bills by doing what I’m passionate about?

Someday. Someday I will have a job that I love. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job now, but not as much as I love stringing together words on a page to share with a few willing readers. It might not be in the next five years. It might not be in the next ten. But it will happen. Someday. Just wait and see.

Comment Question: What is your dream job, and what would you be willing to do to attain it? Let me know in the comment section down below! 

Thanks to Daily Post, this post was inspired by this writing prompt

6 thoughts on “Six Months of Blogging: What’s Next?

  1. My dream job involves working at Disneyworld. Something that allows me to not only have a not-as-exciting office job, but one where I can be out in the parks and interact with people. Even if I was able to travel, that would be ideal to have all of that. The way I plan to achieve that is to do their college program (hopefully in the spring!) and go from there.

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