Far From Home: 45 Days Until Oxford

I’ve never really traveled very far from home. Many of my friends have been to the other side of the country or even the other side of the world; my traveling experiences, on the other hand, have been limited to visiting family a few states over and one or two school trips less than 12 hours away. All of this is about to change 45 days from now, though, and I’m kind of terrified.

On August 29th, 2013, I will be boarding a plane to that will take me to my new home for the the following four months: Oxford, England. Just typing out those words makes me smile and makes my stomach flip all at the same time. I know this semester at Oxford will be amazing, but the fear of getting stranded at the airport or strip-searched by the TSA has been growing more and more as the days dwindle away.

In the end I know it will be amazing. Granted, I wasn’t expecting the first time out on my own would be on the other side of the world, but what better way to test the waters of this giant place we call the world?

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2 thoughts on “Far From Home: 45 Days Until Oxford

  1. Wow. How lucky you are. I can feel your excitement and nervousness. This stomach flip-flop nervousness is the best kind of nervousness, the kind that says, I am so happy to be alive. Your parents must be so proud of you…

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