Remember Me

As you go about your business and living your day-to-day life, do you ever stop to wonder “am I living a life that is worth remembering?” I’m not talking about getting in your five seconds of local news fame, but the things that really matter. What do people think when they see you in the halls at work? What about all of those distant relatives that you maybe see once or twice a year and at the occasional wedding or funeral? Do you give them a reason to remember you, and is that reason one that you can be proud of?

If I’m remembered for anything, I want it to be the things that make me happy: writing, vlogging, spending time with my family, having a wonderful relationship with God. Those things matter. All of them, especially the last one, make me feel most like myself, and who wants to be remembered for being something that isn’t a true picture of who you really are?

I don’t want to be remembered as that girl who was stuck in a job that she absolutely hated but was too afraid to reach for the dreams she put to rest in high school. I don’t want to be remembered for constantly complaining about every little thing. If I’m remembered at all, I want it to be because I was a good person who loved life even if life isn’t always easy to love.

I want to be remembered for being happy and doing what I love. I want other people to see me smiling like an idiot constantly and start to wonder “what is she always so dang happy about?” There’s just something about someone smiling at you for no apparent reason that makes you want to smile, too. Happy people are contagious, and I want to spread the disease.

While I would like to think that I’ve made some sort of positive impact on someone at some point in my life, when it comes right down to it I don’t really care if they remember that it was me who made that impact. I used to think that in order to be successful I needed to make a lasting impression, but I’m starting to see that it’s not all about the recognition.

Recognition for your hard work or positive attitude is definitely a bonus, but that’s not what I want to live my life for. As a blogger I could easily be doing this for the views (and there was a point when that’s what it was about), but constantly worrying about what other people think of you will only make you lose focus of what actually matters in the end. Don’t live your life seeking to be remembered. Live a life that is worth remembering.

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