Living in a Dream

I’m alive! For the few of you who still remember that I exist, I wanted to give you all an update on this crazy roller coaster ride I’ve been on these last few months. In my last blog post I explained how crazy my Summer has been, but also how amazing it has been as I’ve started to discover a whole other online community through a Summer fitness challenge on YouTube.

While I’ve been falling in love with making videos and getting to know other people who share that passion, I’ve also been getting ready for something kind of amazing and terrifying: spending a whole Semester in Oxford, England. Well, the time to get ready has passed, and I’m finally here!

In order to make this trip sound as amazing as it actually is, I think it might help if I just skip over some of the nonessentials. Such as the part where I was frisked by an airport security guard. Or when I half ran to my second flight in Toronto, only to find out it was delayed about 40 minutes. There’s no need to tell of how I tripped over my own shoelaces whilst boarding my second flight, causing me to stumble forward and accidentally use a bald man’s head to break my fall. And the final act of burning at least 700 calories dragging my luggage from the airport to my new home is not all that important to this story.

The real part of my story so far has been the magic of this place. I arrived hot, sweaty, and jet-lagged, but I was still in awe of even the small bits of Oxford that I’ve seen since I’ve been here. The house that I’m staying in is beautiful, and though I’ve not even been here 24 hours, it doesn’t seem that crazy to call this place ‘home’ for the next four months.

This all seems too good to be real. It’s like I’m living in a dream, and if I am dreaming I definitely don’t want to wake up anytime soon. I’m sure this dream phase will pass as the pile of books to read grows taller and deadlines for papers get nearer, but for now I’m okay with being mesmerized by the beauty of this place.

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