Staying Accountable: Losing Weight One Failure or Success at a Time

I know I’ve mentioned this in just about every single post I’ve written about losing weight, but I’m going to say it again: losing weight is not easy. So, now that we’ve got that out of the way, I’m going to tell you a little secret. There is something that can make losing weight, or just living healthier, so much easier: accountability.

I pride myself in my ability to be fairly self-motivated, but for some reason my brain is lacking in this area when it comes to working out. For the most part I can keep myself away from soda and brownies, but I have a really hard time getting myself to stop reading Harry Potter and start doing some sit-ups. There is, however, something I’ve found that keeps me moving, and that’s having something or someone other than myself to keep me accountable. To a certain extent this blog has allowed me to have a feeling of accountability to myself and anyone who reads it. When I make YouTube videos I feel more motivated to actually work out so that I have good footage to prove I’m more than just talk. But the best motivating force for me has come from accountability partners, someone that is working alongside me to be healthy, too.

Last year it was one of my YouTube friends. We talked a lot on Facebook and Skype, and when one of us didn’t want to go running or biking, we would agree to work out at the same time, even though we were thousands of miles away from each other. There were even times when he would refuse to talk to me until I worked out, and guess what? It worked. I was in the best shape of my life last summer because of that friendship.

When the nature of that friendship changed focus, I found myself working out less and less. But over the last few months my friend Amy and I have been keeping each other accountable since we’ve been home from Oxford, and I can’t tell you how great it feels to have an awesome friend who also just happens to want to be healthy, too. We were talking this afternoon, and I mentioned that I needed to work out but wasn’t exactly feeling up to is. So she suggested that we work out at the same time.

We live about 500 miles apart and are in different time zones, but it worked. At 1:30 my time, 12:30 her time, we logged onto Facebook, told each other what we were doing for our workouts, then said good luck and got working. Before we started, though, she sent me this wonderful video that made me smile and a little happy to actually get a little sweaty:

After watching this I figured that if a hefty and happy stuffed bear could workout, so could I (though maybe with a little more sweat and a little less honey)

Having someone to keep you accountable will make your healthy choices a lot easier to make. Whether it’s from the kind words of encouragement or a few loving yet firm warnings to get your butt out of bed, having someone to keep you motivated and accountable is one of the best things you can have while you’re trying to lose weight. I know that without my friends and family members cheering me on these last few years I would probably still weigh nearly 400 pounds (or more) and still have a personal vendetta against staircases. I’m so glad that isn’t the case now.

So if you’ve been struggling to make healthy choices or get out and start exercising, find someone to do it with you or cheer you on as you work towards you goals. If you can’t think of anyone to be that accountability partner for you, just let me know – I’ll be more than happy to be that person.

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