The Joy of Work

A common theme in my life right now is busyness. I spend nearly every waking moment working. Working on homework. Reading for school. Reading as a discipline to become a better reader, better writer, better scholar, and a better me. Working on my writing skills. Working on YouTube. Working on internships. Working at a gas station. Working on relationships. Working on communication. Working on gratitude. Working on patience.

Yes, my life is filled with work. But I am becoming increasingly aware of how blessed I am to be working so much, because all of this work seldom feels like work. I get to spend my days bathed in words. I am constantly covered in thought and contemplation. When working at the gas station I am working towards saving up for a future and learning things I couldn’t learn in a classroom. All in all, what I do is what I love. What I do is who I am, who I am becoming. And that in itself is enough to fill me with pure joy.

Yes, I am busy. Sometimes I am tired. Sometimes I am frustrated. Sometimes I need to be reminded of what it is I am working for. But at the end of it all I am happy. I am blessed. I am living the life that I would have never planned for myself. The life I had planned was so much different, but it was based on what the world told me was practical, not meaningful. God had a different plan, and only he could have planned for me such a life as rich and beautiful as this.

Photo on 9-25-14 at 8.46 PM #2

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