Learning to Adult: A Lesson in Gratitude

My days have kind of blurred by this week. I wake up and I go to work. After work I come home for an hour to change and eat. Then I go work again until I come home and go to bed.

I knew this was going to happen when I started my new job, I guess I just had this crazy idea that I was prepared to jump right into a 67 hour work week. I still don’t know how I thought that.

I know that right now is an adjustment period. I’m definitely still learning how to balance everything, but I haven’t exactly done that with a whole lot of grace this week. I’ve gotten out of bed late a few times. I’ve gone to pack a lunch and realized all I had to pack was a sandwich for a 12 hour work day. And in the chaos and exhaustion, I haven’t exactly been as smiley as I tend to be when I’m getting enough sleep.

But when I’m tired and want to start complaining, I have a few really awesome friends that remind me what I’m working for. They send me songs that motivate them when they’re struggling. They send me goofy memes and stickers to make me smile. They remind me that I’m working toward something really important. But I think the best thing they do is bring my stubborn butt back down to earth to remind me that I am blessed to have one job, let alone three.

This is only temporary. I might not be the new editing intern at a big publishing company. I’m not doing freelance work for that fancy online journal all the cool kids are reading. I’m not a grad student or a published author.

I am a cashier. I am a teller. I am a cleaning girl.

And glamorous or not, I am grateful to be all of those things.

2 thoughts on “Learning to Adult: A Lesson in Gratitude

  1. And in the relatively near future you will be A GRADUATE STUDENT!!!! Keep reminding yourself of that. I did the same thing you’re doing while earning my way through college. I appreciated college so much more as a result. You can do this thing! Praying for you.

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