New Projects, New Conversations

I don’t usually post many of my YouTube videos on this blog, but I’m really excited about this so I decided to share it anyway.

A few months ago I started a collaborative YouTube channel with my friend Amy. Because we are two extremely nerdy people who enjoy talking about all things nerdy and educational, we decided to start the channel and call it The Study Loft.

We first used the channel as a place to encourage each other during a diet bet, but we’ve been throwing around some ideas and we’re going to be using this channel as an outlet to talk about all of those nerdy things that don’t usually escape our Skype conversations. And as a way to talk about these things, I’m starting a new series called “Let’s Talk About…” (Pretty self-explanatory, right?)

I enjoy having conversations about things that are fun and thought-provoking, and I’m hoping that The Study Loft can turn into a hub for good conversations. So, while I promise to not self-promote these videos every week, here is the first video in that series:

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