To my Fellow Procrastinators: Discovering The Fear

I will never know how I managed to graduate college with a semi decent GPA. If I am working on a project that I am interested in, I will start work on said project as soon as I know I will be working on it every waking hour until the due date. Not a minute before, not a minute after.

Through my four years of University, I somehow managed to become a master procrastinator. How did this happen? I discovered the fear. I learned early on that there will come a moment during every semester and for every term paper that will ignite the will within me to get stuff done, and that is the moment the fear takes over.

It is that terrifying feeling of guilt, dread, self-doubt, uncertainty, and a little bit of slightly sadistic joy. You know the kind? It sits in the pit of your stomach, heavy with regret. It simultaneously drains and supplies life. You feel its energy surging through your body, feeding the need to write the best looking pile of college-appropriate word choices that you have ever created (they don’t call it a B.S. degree for nothing).

The fear thrives on neither food nor sleep, but on over-caffeinated panic and, occasionally, sweat, blood, and tears (though not necessarily in that order). During exams and deadlines it can become your greatest enemy or strongest ally. If controlled properly, it can help you survive nights you otherwise thought would devour you whole. If not handled with care, it will probably result in an existential crisis on your kitchen floor at 3:00 a.m., complete with a pint of ice cream and a single spoon to console you.

So take heed, fellow procrastinators.The fear is not a force to be played with. Know the consequences. Avoid the dangers. Protect your sanity. Get your freaking work done.

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