I miss the chaos

I know I’m a few days late, but happy Thanksgiving guys! This year, on Thanksgiving, was a bit interesting for me. While all of my friends and family were spending the days with family and eating awesome food, it was just Thursday for me. I woke up, spent the first half of my day working from home, spent the second part working from campus, then spent the evening working in my friend’s room. Just like every other Thursday.

But I have awesome flatmates who thought it would be fun to celebrate Thanksgiving with me, even though neither of them celebrate it in their home countries. So today was spent going to town to buy all we needed for our mini-feast, then hanging out in the kitchen as we cooked and enjoyed each other’s company.

In some ways it was just like Thanksgiving at home: spending time talking and cooking, and it was certainly a day to be thankful for. It was a bit odd, though, having a Thanksgiving that was so simple and quiet.

You see, in my family, Thanksgiving isn’t quiet, and it definitely isn’t simple (there are a lot of mouths to feed). In a way it’s a bit chaotic. And when I was wondering why this Thanksgiving felt a bit off, I realised something: I kind of miss the chaos.

I miss the rushing about the night before to dress the turkey. Getting up early to make sure everything is prepared. Bumping into mom or one of my aunt’s while we work around the kitchen. Hearing grandpa chase one of the kids in the background. The occasional “Bob! Quit it!” from grandma whenever grandpa get’s a bit too rowdy. The bursts of roaring laughter that fill the room after someone tells another joke or story.

I miss that moment when someone yells “hey! dinner is ready!” then someone has to repeat it because no one was actually paying attention. I miss gathering around, holding hands, and saying grace. When the noise picks up again as we share food, stories, and laughter. Sure it’s loud and chaotic. But it’s my favourite kind of chaos.

So this Thanksgiving wasn’t so crazy. But overall, it was pretty great. We made an entire meal for the three of us and none of the things we cooked caught fire! Dinner was good, dessert was good, and we managed to watch the first two Hunger Games movies between waiting for the turkey to roast and trying to recover from our food comas.

I’m not sure what next Thanksgiving will look like. I know that I probably won’t be in Michigan to celebrate it. But that’s okay. Even though tonight’s celebration was a bit different, it was still meaningful. I spent the day with people I care about, and that alone is something to be thankful for.

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