Works in progress

Happy New Year, guys! It’s 2016. January 1st. The day that 87 percent of people spend too much time crafting a Facebook or blog post about how this year is going to be different and how they are going to meet new and amazing goals. And that’s wonderful.

I’m definitely a person who is always setting goals. I think it’s good and healthy to be continually working towards something better. But I also think that it’s okay to not come screaming into the new year with a concrete list of resolutions.

I don’t have a list of resolutions this year. I do, however, have several things that I’m trying to work towards.

Some of these are goals I’ve been working toward for a long time, one of the most important being my health journey. Since I’ve moved to England, I’ve lost nearly 35 pounds, which is definitely more than I’ve lost in the year leading up to moving. But my health goals look a lot different than they did three years ago. The end goal is still losing weight, but how I do that has changed quite a bit.

Rather than a strict diet and exercise routine, I’m focusing on other things. I let myself have a few sweets on the weekend. I have caved to convenience and ordered take away for lunch a few times. I’ve enjoyed maybe a few too many grilled cheese sandwiches. But I’m also trying new healthy recipes, and I’m cooking at home more often. I’m slowly cutting back on meat and gluten and increasing fresh produce. Exercise includes going on walks and walking to town rather than taking the bus. I’m drinking more water and even getting enough sleep.

If anything, I’m just working on making health less of a goal and more of a part of my daily routine, which I think is the end goal anyway. And, quite possibly, why I don’t want it to be tied to a single day to begin being important.

I’m also continually working towards some sense of balance. If you’ve been around for the last few years of this blog, you know balance isn’t exactly my strong suit (hence the need to work towards it almost all of the time). Trying to work hard and do well in school while also maintaining some semblance of mental and spiritual health. Trying to be present where I am now while also trying to be mindful of the relationships back home. So far this has resulted in a continually evolving routine of working really hard during the week, spending Saturday evenings with Colchester friends and Sunday afternoons on face time with friends and family back home. It initially also included taking time once each week to write for this blog. Oops.

I could probably write a lot more about the goals I’m working on, but this post is already pushing 500 words and I don’t want to bore you any more with my strange desire for self improvement. I guess what I’m trying to say is this: We are works in progress, and the work doesn’t begin or end on the first of the year. Set goals. Have new year resolutions. Work towards being a better version of yourself every day. But have fun in the process. Let yourself fail. Change your mind. Try crazy new things. Just don’t limit yourself to single list.

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