Surviving adulthood

When you’re growing up, it’s easy to think of adulthood as that cool and awesome time when you finally get to make your own decisions (read: ice cream for breakfast, chocolate for dinner). In reality adulthood is a bit different.

Sometimes it’s awesome, like when you make the decision to take the night off work and spend a night in with your friends.


Or when you successfully make a meal that is not straight from the tin or frozen section at Tesco


When you plan a weekend trip to Wales with your friends, cause real adults plan their own holidays


When you go to the grocery store and buy real adult things but also candy cause it’s your life and you do what you want


But sometimes you start to realise how much of an adult you really are


Like when you wake up feeling super hungover after a night of scandalous post-midnight reading


And when you feel like you’re dying cause you have a head cold, but you’re out of toilet roll so you have to walk to the shop in your misery


Also when you look at your bank account and realise you made too many adult decisions involving drinks and chips last month


And you start questioning your ability to be a proper adult


Because you have no idea what you’re doing with your life and the world is a cold cruel place


But then you come home from a long day at work and realise you’re not alone in this


That no one really knows what they’re doing all of the time


And that, eventually, you’ll be able to say you survived







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