8 things England ruined for me

I’ve been living in England for a bit now, and I’m loving it. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do after I finish my dissertation, but there is a good chance I’ll be moving back to the States or to another country altogether. Either way, there are a few things that will never be the same if/when I ever leave this wonderful place.

1. The weather – Congratulations, England, you freaking ruined mother nature for me. Sure, it rains a bit more often here, but I like rain. For the most part the weather is just mild, and as boring as that sounds my asthmatic lungs are loving the mediocrity!


2. Public transit – Okay, I know most people here complain about the transit all the time. But coming from a place where public transit is next to nonexistent, I love that I can catch a train or bus to wherever I need to go.


3. Getting places at all – Back home, if you have to get anywhere, you have to get in a car. And drive. Freaking everywhere. Here, in England, my main mode of transportation is my own two feet and it’s the best thing ever.


4. Cheese – Freaking cheese! Not only is it better here, it’s cheaper. Also there are so many more options that I can actually afford!


So many, in fact, that there was a solid two months where I bought a different kind of cheese every week. Just for funsies.

5. Fresh produce – So much fruit and veg! And it’s so cheap! Healthy meals for days!


6. Just all dairy products – England really likes dairy, which is both awesome and not. Mostly awesome because cheap all the things. Mostly not because that includes super cheap mini cheesecakes at Tesco. #noregrets


7. Chocolate- Sorry America, we just don’t know how to chocolate. Hershey’s was my favourite chocolate growing up. Now it’s just a sad sad attempt at a chocolate that isn’t really chocolate because everything is a lie and I sold my soul to the Cadbury devil.


8. Just sweets in general


So. many. options. R.I.P my teeth.


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