I still don’t have an umbrella

Today is Saturday, the day that I typically like to think of as a day for everything but work. However, classes are done, deadlines have to be met, and my dissertation isn’t going to write itself. So I made a deal with myself: Saturday’s can still be days for fun and spending time with friends. But I’m going to spend the first part of my Saturday’s on campus getting work done.

As I woke up this morning, before my alarm went off at 7:30, I decided to give myself a little extra time to wake up. Coffee came before real clothes and breakfast. Breakfast consisted of eggs instead of the usual yoghurt or nothing routine. I even spent some time putting away dishes and tidying up my room before deciding to venture out nearly an hour before I had planned.

As I made my way down the stairs and out of the building, I realised it was raining. April showers, I suppose. Luckily it was only England rain, the kind of rain that is there but not at the same time.

Fast forward approximately 2 minutes and it was actually raining now. My “water resistant” jacket started to struggle resisting the water now seeping onto my t-shirt underneath. My hair was definitely damp and no longer straight. My glasses were useless so I was kind of walking half bind. At least I didn’t wear the shoes with holes in them today.

As I was walking and getting pelted in the face with rain even though I was looking at the ground, I found myself smiling. I even laughed a little bit. Why? A couple of thoughts entered my mind:

  1. I have lived in England for more than six months. I still do not own a proper umbrella. I barely own a proper rain jacket. At least once each week the thought “I should buy an umbrella” crosses my mind. Still no umbrella.
  2. I don’t remember who said it or when, but at some point during this programme someone said that I needed to pick a research topic to fall in love with. One that I cared about so much it would drive me to walk to campus in the cold and rain on a Saturday morning, even when the rest of the world was still sleeping or doing anything else but work.

I was smiling not because I was cold, wet, and on my way to a cold and empty campus. I was smiling because despite my stubborn refusal to buy proper rain gear, I was still walking in the cold and rain to do something that I loved.

So I got to campus, albeit a bit damp, but still smiling


I wiped the rain drops from my glasses


Threw my hair up in a ponytail


Turned on my favourite playlist

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 09.19.30

Made myself a cup of coffee


And started, still with a smile, working on my list of things to read and write today.

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