I’m Parker Lynn, and this is my blog. On it, you’ll find posts about my life as a writer, awkward young adult, and trans guy at the start of his transition. Feel free to have a look around (I hear the archives are a cool place to hang out), jump into the comments and let me know I’m not just writing an alarmingly public journal read only by me, my mom, and that one kid I knew in primary school.

Recent Posts

So Chicago it is: Learning to say ‘thy will be done’

In my last blog post, I talked about how I was in a season of change and uncertainty. I was unemployed without much sense of direction, and I was still adjusting to life back in America.

Fast-forward a month: I’m still in Chicago, and little things are starting to fall into place. I got a job working as a writer and editor for a network of Charter Schools. I signed a lease for a new apartment with a friend. I even found a car…Full post


I’ve been in Chicago for a few weeks now. One of my closest friends is living here and has graciously offered me a place to stay while I figure out what I’m doing next. I’m still listening to music daily, and right now the playlist I select most often is called “Falling.”

I am unemployed. I have no health insurance, no car, no place that truly feels like home. I’m trying so hard to be strong and convince myself that I’m going to be okay. I am trying so hard to remember that I am loved and cared for by both God and the people around me. This is just a temporary season of change and uncertainty…Full post

6 ways to survive winter while still saving money on your power bill

Welcome to January. It’s dark, wet, and freaking freezing.

Now given the fact that it’s 2017, I am well aware of the inventions of modern-day civilization, namely the blessed metal box god of warmth: the radiator.

But alas, the radiator is only fueled by the fire and power of the boiler, which is in-turn fueled by our utility bill. And while I am no longer a student, I live with two PhD students and I am presently barely employed. So for the sake of financial survival, we have decided to keep our heat turned off for a good portion of each day…Full post

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